Talabrina Duskryn was the main enemy of the deep gnomes re-settling Blingdenstone.[1]


Talabrina greatly hated the deep gnomes. She was a treacherous and greedy individual like most drow but her hate for svirfneblin consumed her, driving her to commit unspeakable atrocities. In her mind, her actions were blessed by Lolth. On the surface, her objective was to sack the city of all its treasures.[1]


Two unusual bugbear slaves served Talabrina with total loyalty: one was an albino, and the other was black as night.[1]


In 1479 DR, Talabrina tried to destroy the reborn deep gnome settlement in Blingdestone by any means. She first killed some scouts and afterward tried to sabotage all missions by an adventuring party hired by Kargien Dissengulp. In the end, she was defeated by the adventurers.[1]




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