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Tales from the Infinite Staircase is a Planescape® AD&D 2nd edition adventure anthology published in 1998.



Stretching to every plane imaginable, the Infinite Staircase is on of the best-kept secrets of planar travel in the multiverse. Watched over by the mysterious lillendi, the Staircase stretches in all directions, bending back upon itself to form the ultimate three-dimensional maze — and every landing where the Staricase stops, a doorway to a new planar location awaits the traveller.

The chaotic morass of energy and matter filling Limbo holds a dark secret — the same secret found in the depths of Baator, in an underground formian hive-city on Arcadia, and in a battle-torn githyanki fortress on the Astral Plane. Using the infinite staircase, a group of planeswalkers must travel to these far-flung locations, and elsewhere, to learn of a new threat to the planes — and stop it. Exploring the Staircase itself can be dangerous, particularly when it's ravaged by a barmy fiend and even crazier sorceress.

Tales from the Infinite Staircase features eight separate but linked adventures presented in a new format. The adventurers can be played in any order, yet each scenario impacts upon and changes those played after it. Further, the PCs can return to the original scenario locations and find that the conditions have changed so more adventuring is possible. Each of the eight adventures can also be played separately.

Tales from the Infinite Staircase can be linked with the epic adventured from the Forgotten Realms® setting, For Duty & Deity, wherein the heroes must traverse the Infinite Staircase to reach the foreboding realm of Graz'zt, a wicked lord of the Abyss.

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