Due to new canon, Lathander and Amaunator should be merged. See Talk:Amaunator. Niirfa-sa 09:07, 25 September 2008 (UTC)

Talk for Hurtzbad's proposal seems to be bigger than support for merging these two articles. I also think that new canon shouldn't, by itself, be a valid reason for merging articles. Some people are going to want to know about the Realms of the Arcane Age and others are going to want to know about information from the FRCG era. If things have changed significantly then templates that give statistics (like the cleric algnments in both of these articles you want to merge) are likely to be different. And that means that in a merged article is is going to be a lot harder for a casual reader to discern what information goes with the first, second or third version of this god. Wiki's like this need to work for everyone, rathar than fans of the latest material, so when WotC makes changes to canon, the old canon needs to be preserved somehow. I think it is a lot harder to show the changes when radically different articles are merged and that mergers should really only be proposed when changes are trivial ones (such as a minor change in spelling). However, I would be happy to see someone create some sort of template that helps people realise that there have been several versions of this deity and that article X predates article Y and article Z is the most current version. David Shepheard 12:34, 9 November 2008 (UTC)

New names and titles? Edit

What is the source for the segment on the worshipers taking new names when they feel Lathander has personally recognized them? It's much more useful information to me if I know where it's coming from.

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