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Folks, I'm not sure splitting the Sword Coast into two parts is strictly necessary. The political boundary map for the geography section is based on the Regional Feats list in the 3rd Edition Campaign Setting Book. That book carves up the Sword Coast into three map regions purely for the purpose of assigning feats.

But truly, the entire coast of Faerûn between The Spine of the World mountains and the Calim Peninsula,(ie. The legnth of the Sea of Swords) is technically just 'The Sword Coast.' BlackAce 16:40, 9 March 2008 (UTC)

The articles are seperate, because that's how the regions are represented in the 3rd E.D FRCS (p. 176, among others) as "[...] the Sword Coast North is dominated by Waterdeep at its southernmost end." -Zerak talk 20:26, 9 March 2008 (UTC)
I hate to bring up a dead horse but it seems to me that the distinction between the Sword Coast and Sword Coast North is vague at best. Waterdeep and Neverwinter share as many similarities as do Neverwinter and Luskan or Waterdeep and Baldur's Gate and it seems to me that Sword Coast North is simply a subdivision of the Sword Coast as a whole. I suggest merging the articles, with notations explaining the sub-region of the Sword Coast North. But most sources make little distinction between the Sword Coast north of Waterdeep and the Sword Coast south of it. Niirfa-sa 02:35, 13 November 2008 (UTC)

Old Wikipedia data Edit

  • Because it would too much work for me alone;
  • Because I worked so much on the Wikipedia entries;
  • Because I believe my intense researches are still of use (especially the labourously collected external links);
  • Because I do not know enough of the forgottenrealms Wikia lore to dare or wish to intervene directly anymore,

I just paste in the permalink of what I believe to be most exhaustive Wikipedia entry on the topic:

Most complete permalink for Sword Coast

(starting point: Geographical index of Toril on 18th of March 2007)

Could some kind soul take care of extracting the data somewhere it would not be deleted again because of “lack of notability”? Note that a lot of content may be duplicate and also has to be rewritten. Some link shouls also be checked, Wizards of the Coast not being that serious with permanency of data.

David Latapie ( | @) 01:35, 28 April 2009 (UTC)

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