I have decided to adopt this page. I plan to add a section every day or so starting with the history, so if the information seems unbalanced at the moment, give it some time. Any help is of course welcome, especially with the referencing and grammar. The long term plan is to move the history over to its own page similar to the Waterdeep (city) page. Zhentar 06:46, April 9, 2010 (UTC)

After a longer (years) break than intended, this page still needs significant attention. The verbosity of the history needs some trimming in the early years and expansion of 14th century on. I'll do what I can. Zhentar (talk) 02:51, December 6, 2016 (UTC)

Thank you in advance for your contributions. First, I suggest you put a {{Working}} tag at the top of the article like so: {{Working|~~~|~~~~~}} to let other editors know the page is in development and to (hopefully) hold off on making additions/corrections until after you remove the tag. Second, please write in past tense, in your own words, and reference everything from canon sources to prevent a bunch of {{Fact}} tags being sprinkled all over your fine work. If you need help with reference syntax, need a reference tag created, or don't have a particular reference in your collection, please don't hesitate to ask the community for help—we all want the article to be the best it can be. Speaking of which, you may be interested in the guidelines for a Good Article or even a Featured Article. Here are some links, in case you are interested:
Good article criteria
Forum:Featured articles! and Forum:Nominated Feature Articles
BadCatMan's Manual of Style
Past tense policy
And most importantly, have fun! —Moviesign (talk) 05:17, December 6, 2016 (UTC)

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