Talon Everhale was a young ranger in Icewind Dale, and a member of the Emerald Enclave during the Tyranny of Dragons of 1489. [1]


Talon Everhale's mother died giving birth to her. She was born with certain fiendish disfigurements. However, these deformities vanished after a mysterious person came to visit. The person left and with them went most people's memory of Talon's birth defects. Nevertheless, her father did not speak to her or anyone else since she was born.

She grew into a beautiful young woman and skilled ranger. While on a hunt, she encountered the druid Delaan and his winter wolf. The druid offered her a place within the Emerald Enclave. He also informed her that she must guard herself against a dangerous chaos within herself.

She was in fact the victim of a horrible curse that had been spawned in Ascalhorn, later known as Hellgate Keep. The curse passed from mother to child, it killed all male children, and was passed down the female line. The secret to ending this curse lay hidden in the ruins of Hellgate.[1]


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