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Talona (pronounced tah-LOW-nah [3]), the Lady of Poison, Mistress of Disease, and Mother of All Plagues was the goddess of poison and disease. Talona was depicted as an old crone who brought misfortune and death. On the other hand she could also be depicted as a beautiful and innocent woman. [4]

The formula to the concoction known as the Chaos Curse was indirectly given to Aballister Bonaduce by the avatar of Talona.[citation needed]

Relationships Edit

Talona allied with Loviatar and despised Chauntea, Mielikki, Kelemvor, and Tyr. She disliked Ilmater for the cures he found.[citation needed]

Worshipers Edit

Talona's followers scarred or tattooed themselves in horrible ways. They wore ragged gray-green robes [5] and were expected to go about quietly and seek out new diseases. Her priests carried daggers dipped in poison.[citation needed]

Orders Edit

Followers of Plague 
Followers of Talona experienced pain as if it were pleasure. They believed death was more powerful than life, though they were equal in balance. They followed the dictum: Work in her name and let your doings be subtle or spectacular.[citation needed]

Temples Edit

The House of Night's Embrace 
Talona's largest church was located in Tashluta.
Talona - Brom

Talona, by Brom

Dogma Edit

Let pain be as pleasure, for life and death are in balance, but death is the more powerful and should be paid proper homage and respect. Death is the true power, the great equalizer, and the lesson that waits for all. If it falls to you to drive home the point with the tip of a dagger, so be it. The Mother of All Plagues works upon you from within, and weakness and wasting is her strength. Talona's breath is forever and always with you, whomever you or the rest of the world believes in or serves. Let all living things learn respect from Talona and pay homage to her in goods and in fervent worship. If they do so, intercede for them so that Talona will not claim them—this time. Go and work in Talona's name and let your doings be subtle or spectacular, but make them known as the will of the Mistress of Disease.

Appearances Edit


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