Talona (pronounced: /tɑːˈlnɑːtah-LO-nah[3]), called the Lady of Poison, Mistress of Disease, and Mother of All Plagues, was the goddess of poison and disease. Talona was depicted as an old crone who brought misfortune and death.[3] On the other hand, she could also be depicted as a beautiful and innocent woman.[8]

Divine RealmEdit

Talona had her realm, the Palace of Poison Tears, on the jungle-covered orbs of Cathrys, Carceri's second layer, known for its poisonous vegetation.[7][9] Faluzure's realm, the Mausoleum of Pain, on the third layer lay on the orb nestled within the one carrying Talona's Palace, while all locations on the same layer were further away.[10]


The formula to the concoction known as the Chaos Curse was indirectly given to Aballister Bonaduce by an avatar of Talona.[citation needed]


Talona was allied with Loviatar and despised Chauntea, Mielikki, Kelemvor, and Tyr. She disliked Ilmater for the cures he found.[citation needed]


Talona symbol

The unholy symbol of Talona.

Talona's followers scarred or tattooed themselves in horrible ways. They wore ragged gray-green robes[11] and were expected to go about quietly and seek out new diseases. Her priests carried daggers dipped in poison.[citation needed]


The Followers of Plague experienced pain as if it were pleasure. They believed death was more powerful than life, though they were equal in balance. They followed the dictum to work in her name and let their doings be subtle or spectacular.[citation needed]


The House of Night's Embrace was Talona's largest church and was located in Tashluta.[citation needed]




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