Talor Vurtalis was one of the new aquatic elf high mages in Myth Nantar.


In 1341 DR Talor was accepted as new student by the High Mages Taranath Reefglamor and Yrlimn Tidark together with Jhanra Merlistar and Keryth Adofaer. Taranath placed three selu'kiira upon their brows, sending the students into comas while the gems force-feed the knowledge of millennia into their brains.

Talor and his fellow awaked only in tarskath 1 of 1369 DR in order to help in the Twelfth Serôs War.

Talor and his fellow helped their masters in the war and in the great spell that sent Iakhovas to the Outer Planes. After Yrlimn and Taranath exhaust died and Keryth and Jhanra replaced them as new High Mages and also Talos was nominated High Mage.

In ches of 1370 DR Talor evoked a Whirlpool Gate, no caring for people around, and disappeared. In nightal some dukars discovered him in the Cliff City of Atin. Talor had renamed himself Atin taking control of the beast of the city. He injured the dukars that had discovered him[2]


Talor vainly wear his selu'kiira openly on his forehead in opposition to tradition to hid it. He no cared for his students and used his time to explore the city and the area around.[1]


Talor was no so confident in his abilities and responsibilities like his fellow.[1]



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