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Taluth was a younger malaugrym, (a.k.a. shadowmaster) living in Westgate[2] as of the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR.[1]


As a shapeshifter, Taluth could appear as any living thing,[3] but usually appeared as a plain, ordinary, human female. Taluth was known to take more attractive male or female forms when it suited her needs.[2]


Taluth was a bold operator in Westgate, but cautious enough to redirect suspicion of her activities to the merchant-lords, making it look like her accomplishments were caused by their machinations. She was unpredictable, capricious, and merciless when it pleased her, toying with others for her own entertainment.[1][2]


She was particularly adept at learning new magic spells.[1][2]


Taluth was constantly looking for ways to increase her pleasure, fill her coffers, or acquire new magic items and spells. She was a powerful player in Westgate, but chose to remain hidden and unsuspected.[1][2]


She was particularly fond of humans and hired them as agents, dallied with them for pleasure, and used them as patsies and scapegoats. Adventuresome humans were her favorite playthings.[1][2]


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