Talya Floshin was one of the leaders of the daemonfey in the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR.[1]


Talya was the consort of Faersynd Floshin.[1]


Talya resembled the goddess Hanali Celanil as shown in many depictions but with red eyes.[1] Rumors said Talya was one of the daughters of the demon lord Graz'zt.[2]


Talya valued potential informants and reported to Ryvvik Dlardrageth. Secretly, she plotted to kill her husband and replaced him with Baron Xhalth.[1]


In 1370 DR, Talya was pregnant with triplets and rumors said they were Xhalth's offspring.[1] At one point, Talya gave birth to a daughter of Xhalth, Mogwyn, a fey'ri marauder.[2]


Talya was the most manipulative of the fey'ri. She wanted Xhalth as a new husband because he was more easily controlled by her.[1]



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