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Tamara is the draconic goddess of life, light, and mercy. Those who heal serve her, and those who desire mercy are her worshipers. Her symbol is a seven-pointed star on a black field.[1]


Tamara is the kindest and most benevolent of the draconic deities. Some mistake this quality for weakness, though such beings don't make the same error twice. She appears as a luminously beautiful Silver dragon, her eyes shining with the brightness of the sun itself.[1]


Tamara believes in mercy, both in life and in death. Not only does she heal the sick and tend the injured, she delivers a merciful end to those dragons nearing the end of their natural lives. She fiercely detests those who artificially prolong the life of a dragon, particularly when it is against the dragon's will.

Clergy and TemplesEdit

Tamara's clerics are healers, but also deliverers of death to those who try to escape it. They prefer to destroy any Undead they encounter, particularly draconic undead (such as Dracoliches ). Though a peaceful and merciful faith, the worshipers of Tamara do not hesitate to stand against evil or tyranny.[1]


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