Tamper Tencoin was a wayward Harper.[1]


Tamper was a wily adventurer who sometimes acted as a joker and other times patiently waited in order to enact vengeance.[1]


For a time, Tamper was a member of the mercenary Flaming Fists until his commander Rivenhelm died on the battlefield, giving to him the magical sword Namarra, which was later stolen by a Zhentarim agent. For a while, Tamper acted as a caravan master between Amn and Westgate and sometimes Neverwinter.

After he joined the Harpers, Tamper helped the Knights of Myth Drannor to defeat the Zhent mage Whisper. In his later career, he became a planewalker, often traveling Faerun with creatures from other planes, like the Nehwon ghoul Lacheera.

In 1367 DR, he went alone to Daggerdale to help Randal Morn.[1]



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