The tanar'ri were the dominant subcategory of demons. Originally created by the obyriths as slaves, they eventually revolted against their masters, killing most of them and taking over as the dominant race of demons in the Abyss.[citation needed]

Most known demon lords were tanar'ri. The tanar'ri were essentially classic demons—those that arose as a result of faith and humanity and were reflections of cruelty, evil, and sin. They usually had a basic humanoid shape, although there were several exceptions. There were many known species of tanar'ri.[citation needed]

Types of Tanar'riEdit

Alkilith- disgusting demons that are masses of phospherescent green ooze, they are corruption and pollution made hatefully alive.

Arrow demon- four-armed demons capable of wielding two long bows at once, they were created to be soldiers for the armies of the Abyss.

Babau- sneaky, sadistic demons that serve as assassins for more powerful demons. They are 6 feet tall with black skin stretched over a skeletal frame and a single curved horn on its head.

Balor- some of the most powerful demons, they are 12-foot bat-winged monstrosities that often command other demons.

Bar-lgura- large, ape-like demons that travel in packs and act as foot-soldiers.

Cerebrilith- a large, ogre-like demon that generally knuckle-walks and looks somewhat skeletal; noted for their psionic powers.

Chasme- large, numerous, blood-sucking fly demons (with some mosquito and human thrown in).

Dretch- these ape-like demons are the least powerful of the tanar'ri demons. They are both dumb and cowardly, and typically attack in mobs.

Glabrezu- a large, powerful, four-armed demon. Glabrezu are sometimes called Type III demons.

Goristro- demons which resemble huge, fiendish minotaurs.

Hezrou- stinky, slimy, bipedal toad demons of intermediate power and sharp claws and teeth.

Immolith- flaming undead demons.

Kastighur- gigantic, sadistic demons that often serve as prison guards and hunter for more powerful demons. They have horns, claws and nail armor directly onto their bodies.

Klurichir- extremely powerful, four-armed, winged demons that possessed a second mouth on their abdomen. They were very rare and said to be more powerful than balors.

Mane- bloated, humanoid demons that were on the lowest rung of the demonic chain of power.

Marilith- six-armed demons that had the torso of a female human and the lower body of a giant serpent; some of the more dangerous and intelligent demons.

Maurezhi- horrifying humanoid demons that can take on the forms of mortals they consume.

Molydeus- vaguely humanoid demons with the head of a jackal and a second snake head sprouting from the base of the neck.

Nalfeshnee- grossly fat, humanoid, boar-like winged demons that are sometimes called Type IV demons.

Orlath- snake-like demons that have two vaguely humanoid torsos, six arms, and baboon-like heads.

Sorrowsworn demon- gaunt, humanoid winged demons that both cause and prey upon feelings of grief and despair.

Succubus (includes incubus)- very attractive, seductive demons with wings.

Uridezu- hairless rat demons.

Vrock- disgusting demons that were like a cross between a human and a vulture.




AlkilithArrow demonBabauBalorBar-lguraCerebrilithChasmeGlabrezuGoristroHezrouImmolithKastighurKlurichirManeMarilithMaurezhiMolydeusNalfeshneeOrlathSorrowsworn demonSuccubusUridezuVrockYochlol
Miscellaneous Demons
BebilithDretchGhourKazrithQuasitRetrieverShadow demonWastrilithYochlol

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