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Tanarukks were orcs whose blood had been tainted by an evil outsider, in many cases a tanar'ri demon.

Physical DescriptionEdit

They appeared as short, stocky orcs with bristly hair, horns, or ridges along the sides of their heads. Tanarukks also had the distinctive smell of brimstone about them and in fact had a limited ability to manipulate fire.


The tanarukks originated as orc-demon crossbreeds in the region around Hellgate Keep. However, years of dwelling on Faerûn led to them being regarded as a separate species, rather than simply as a subrace.


They were nasty, brutish and not terribly intelligent (despite being smarter than an average orc); they were, however, extremely dangerous fighters. In spite of their lack of personal magnetism, the tanarukks' instinctive ability to control flame led many to become sorcerers. More still could be found acting as muscle for cambions and other fiendish creatures.[1]



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