Tanetal was a pit fiend and servant of Bane.


Servant of the wizardEdit

Tanetal was ordered by Bane into the service of the Red Wizard Marcus in order to aid him in his task of bringing more power to the dark god by sacrificing human souls to the Pool of Darkness. Vastly more competent than his nominal master, Tanetal was used as a scapegoat by Marcus. Even though he brought power to the wizard and brought thousands of troops into his service, Tanetal was stymied by the inept wizard.

Human formEdit

Eventually, Tanetal assumed the form of the human bard "Latenat" in an effort to convince the people of Phlan to abandon the stolen city and leave the safety they enjoyed there. His plot almost succeeded until Marcus summoned him to his defense at a most inopportune moment.

Evaine finally managed to banish him to the Nine Hells by figuring out his true name.


Tanetal showed a habit of saying Latenat at the beginning or end of his speech.[1]


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