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Commander Tann was a human commander of Fort Locke near the Mere of Dead Men on the Sword Coast North.[1]


Tann was the commander of Fort Locke until he vanished on a patrol. A shadow priest captured him and his men Blaine, Bruneil, and Garret.

When the Kalach-Cha arrived, Tann was held captive and needed to be rescued. Once done, the Kalach-Cha could've searched for his men. However, upon returning coming to Fort Locke, Vallis would be displeased Tann had returned and would imprison him. The Kalach-Cha could've fought Vallis or persuaded his men to put their weapons down.[1]



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External linksEdit

  • Tann article at the NWN2Wiki, a wiki for the Neverwinter Nights 2 games.


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