A tantan was a musical instrument similar to a tambourine.[2][note 1]


Tantans consisted of jangling hoops that were used to emphasize rhythms in ensembles and to enhance campfire dances.[1] They were popular among humans and halflings who lived south of the Dalelands,[2] as well as among the people of the Hordelands.[1]

Tantans crafted by the masters of the plains of the Hordelands and traded through Semphar were available for purchase through Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue.[1][note 2]



  1. The tantan appears to bear no relation to the tan-tan, a large drum from Brazil.
  2. Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue states that the tantans are made by "the masters of the plains" and come from "the long trade routes from Semphar" (not necessarily Semphar itself). It is unclear who these masters are and what plains are being referred to, but the most notable plains beyond Semphar are those of the Hordelands.


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