Tantarn was an innkeeper of the mid–14th century DR. He managed Tantarn's Inn in Llorkh.


Tantarn once managed an inn in the city of Iriaebor, and became very experienced at the business. However, with Zhent-caused troubles there, he suffered financially and was forced to move.

He came to the town of Llorkh, though it too was in the grip of the Zhentarim, in order to establish a new inn. It opened some time after the Zhentarim takeover of Llorkh in 1357 DR, less than a month after the only inn in town burned down after its owner died. Townsfolk were pressed into the construction of two new but ugly inns. Tantarn's Inn, as it was called, was in business by 1370 DR. It was a pleasant establishment.[1][2]



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