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Tapann is the patron deity of korreds. His symbol is a laughing mouth.[1]


Tapann appears as a six-foot-tall male korred, carrying a cudgel. He wears a rough tunic made from the hide of a bear or owlbear and a belt with pouches containing his own hair, a pair of silver shears, and vials of holy water.[1]


Tapann is said in some myths to have fathered the goddess Shiallia thanks to a brief dalliance with the dwarven goddess Sharindlar.[2]

Tapann brings dead korreds of unusual bravery to Limbo with him to be his personal servants. His current servants are named Jambul, Hrressek, Tishlun and Bresk. All korreds obey Tapann or his servants without question.[1]


Tapann's realm on the plane of Limbo is a hill studded with standing stones. However, he spends most of his time on the Prime Material Plane.[1]


Tapann is worshiped by korreds.[1]


Tapann has no shamans or clerics, and does not grant spells to his followers.[1]

Rituals and holy daysEdit

Every seven days (or more often, if they are requesting or thanking Tapann for his aid), korreds gather in a circle in a glade, hilltop, clearing, or standing stones. There, they beat the drums and play the bone-flute, slowly working themselves into a wild frenzy. This ritual literally drains the life from the korreds. Aged and mortally injured korreds may seek to literally dance themselves to death. They may force captives to dance along with them, and even more of their life is drained than the korreds lose, although other fey lose no more life than korreds. This life-force is sent to Tapann as an offering.[1]


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