Tapestries of folded existence were magical items that could be found in Zakhara, the Land of Fate. They were only carried or used by holy slayers.[1]


These tapestries always depicted an interior space. The threads of these tapestries depicted detailed accounts of everything brought into the room. They typically measured 6 feet by 10 feet (1.8 by 3.0 meters) and were of the highest quality. These tapestries were heavy, requiring two people to carry.[1]


When hung on a wall or placed on the floor, the owner of one of these tapestries spoke a command word and was instantly transported to the room depicted on the thread. These items were perfect for use as treasuries, armories, and even prisons. Living creatures stored in these magical rooms did not require sustenance. Tapestries of folded existence were items of concealed wizardry, and detect magic spells did not reveal their enchantment.[1]

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