The Tarangu was a tribe of halflings who inhabited an area of Jazayir al-Sartan in southwest Zakhara.[1]


The Tarangu did not build permanent structures on the ground. Instead they lived in special nests constructed in palm trees. Ropes hung between nests so the halflings could get around without touching the ground.[1]


These war-like halfings were rumored to be cannibalistic. Slavers often targeted the halflings since they did not follow the path of Enlightenment.[1]

Base of OperationsEdit

The Tarangu tribe inhabited the northern chain of Jazayir al-Alfar.[1]


These people were semi-nomadic and only carried what they needed to travel between the islands.[1]


The Tarangu were ruled by a halfling named Indeema, who was an obese matron. She was a priest of Kar'r'rga and supervised all sacrifices made to the savage god.[1]



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