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Basic Information
Home Suzail, Cormyr
Gender Female
Race Human death knight
Rules Information
Class Fighter
Game Edition 4.0

Targrael was a former High Knight of Cormyr who later became a death knight. In 1479 DR, Manshoon dominated her mind and compelled her to place the kingdom's two highest ranking war wizards into magical stasis and hide them in a crypt beneath the palace.[1]

She broke free of Manshoon's mind control and set about to protect Cormyr according to her own warped code of honor. Targrael fought Alusair's ghost and was defeated but not destroyed. She crawled deep into the haunted wing of the palace and used a blueflame relic to heal herself.[2]


Targrael had white skin and sliver-white hair. She had a patch of mold growing on her face which didn't seem to bother her.[2]


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