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The largest of the Windrise Ports, Tarmulane is a huge city in Returned Abeir and is considered by its inhabitants to be the rival of Waterdeep. The city bustles with activity and its streets are crowded with merchants and traders.[1]


Tarmalune in 1479 DR


Tarmalune is ruled by the twenty member Council of Tarmalune. A vote of twelve members is required to pass a law. Lord Speaker Hamminas Dorn is currently (1479 DR) the head of the Council. Legal judgements are handed down by the Court of the Council. There are no written penalties for any crime and fines are the most commonly enforced penalty.[1]


The city has no standing army but The Vigilant act as the city watch.[1]


The Firequench Order
This cabal of wizards is extremely secretive. Members wear purple robes and mask their faces. They are well liked by the populace because they act as the city's fire fighters, magically extinguishing any fires in the city.
The Vigilant
Tarmulane's city watch is made up of nearly one hundred veteran officers and a large number of "trainees". Members were a uniform consisting of black leather armor and black helms.

Notable InhabitantsEdit

Gasker Haerocloak
A human wizard rumored to practice necromantic arts. He is believed by some to be a member of the Firequench Order but the Order denies this.
Halagothra the Healer
This old woman has natural healing powers and is not a priestess. Rather than coin, she requires a service from those she heals.
Rathgar Malynd
A mercenary captain who leads the Battle Hound mercenary company who is known for his ruthlessness and is openly critical of The Vigilant.
Tammess Eldrake
This kindly human wizard is known as a champion of the poor and is suspicious of the Firequench Order.

Notable LocationsEdit

Named for the gnomish builder Arden, this ward houses the city's most opulent mansions.
Many of the city's laborers and shopkeepers live in this ward.
This ward is inhabited by Tarmulane's newly rich.
This ward is home to fishermen and fishmongers and smells like its name.
A well-to-do residential ward of successful merchants.
The Raging Flame
A one hundred foot tall cylinder of flame of unknown origin


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