Isn't that the boy who stole my basilisk eyelashes? And not once, but four times?

Tarmas was a male human wizard of the village of West Harbor on the Sword Coast North in the 1370s DR.[1]


Tarmas was balding and generally adopted a sour expression. He wore robes of dark brown and grey hues.[1]


Misanthropic and quick to deride his neighbours, Tarmas generally kept to himself. Though he maintained a quiet respect for the hardy folk of the Mere of Dead Men.[1]


An adept wizard, Tarmas had developed a talent with altering the effects of certain spells and could extend their duration or empower them, as needed. [1]

Despite his surly demeanour, Tarmas was a capable tutor and had trained a number of apprentices in West Harbor.[1]


Early LifeEdit

Tarmas vs. Githyanki

Tarmas battles a Githyanki

Tarmas came to live in West Harbor after the First War of the Shadow, as the city life was unappealing to him. The villagers decided that he needed to train apprentices, so he took Amie Fern and adopted her, since her parents had died in the First War against the King of Shadows.

During the Second Shadow WarEdit

During the Harvest Fair in 1374 DR, Tarmas planted the three feathers for the Knaves' Challenge. During the attack of the bladelings and duergar, he aided the villagers, but Amie was slain helping him in spell-battle against a githyanki mage.[1]

Storm of ZehirEdit

Tarmas survived the Second War of the Shadow,[2] but new problems faced West Harbor as dragons later attacked the village. He went to investigate the problem, but was locked in a cell, while a dragon copied his image. He was rescued and brought to West Harbor, where the dragons were defeated. He continued to take apprentices, with Jan Lannon as his student, while also being a trader.[2]



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