Tarnheel Embuirhan was the tyrant of Mintarn and was reputed to be one of the best swordsmen of the Realms.


Tarnheel was intrigued when the Sea Sprite of Captain Deudermont arrived in Mintarn in search of information about the mythical isle of Caerwich because he knew that Drizzt Do'Urden was onboard. Drizzt was considered by many the best swordsman in the Realms and Tarnheel wanted this title. He thought this was the perfect occasion to decide the matter.

Thus Tarnheel sent his ambassador, Dunkin Tallmast, offering goods and information in exchange for a duel between Tarnheel and Drizzt. Drizzt accepted the offer and confronted Tarnheel in a secret fight. Nobody officially knew the result of the duel but when Drizzt later spoke with Catti-brie, he gave clues that he had easily won.[2]




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