Tarsith was a port city and a member of the confederation of the Dusk Ports in Laerakond. It was also one of the most important fishing cities in the region.[1]


Tarsith was located in the Esmur Flats, in the shore of the River Esmur near the mouth were the river flowed to the Dragon Sea.[1]


Tarsith was the most calm and peaceful city of the Dusk Ports. However, this situation wasn't always the same, and usually the population had to endure hard times when the green dragon Orlarrakh invited a fellow from Melabrauth to eat.[1]

Aside from foodstuffs, Tarsith also boasted the finest ropes and sails in all Laerakond, although such products were not for sale.[1]


Tarsith was ruled by a Tarsandar, a wizard who received his or her scepter from the Green Duchess herself.[1]


Due to its location in the River Esmur, Tarsith was known as the busiest fishing center of Laerakond. Most of the eels and clams were consumed locally, but the rock crabs and fish were Tarsith's major exports.[1]

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