Tarul Var was a lich necromancer and Red Wizard of Thay in Daggerford in 1486 DR.[1]


Tarul was tasked with recreating the elemental portal nexus in Daggerford. He usually reside near the Bloodgate Gate, in the dungeon under Bloodgate Keep. In 1486 DR, a group of heroes from Daggerford, including Jekk Ironfist, Shalendra Floshin, Kelson Darktreader, and the rebel Red Wizard Mennek Ariz, among others, assaulted the Thayan Keep. In the fighting, the nexus was destroyed and Tarul killed but the heroes found themselves trapped in Thay.[1]

Defeated, Tarul recreated himself from his phylactery in the Doomvault dungeon in Thay. However, he was again killed by the same group of heroes who were investigating the dungeon, and they destroyed him for good along with his phylactery.[3]


Tarul was an arrogant and devious individual. He knew that his success depended on a favorable result from the Bloodgate mission, but he did not truly believe that he could fail. He believed that all living creatures were weaker than liches. He often berated his enemies and encouraged the cruelty of his underlings.[1]


Behind the scenesEdit

While fighting Tarul, the pit fiend Baazka could appear offering his help to the players in exchange for being freed from his curse. With Baazka's help, they could more easily kill Tarul.


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