Task (pronounced TASK)[1] was the chaotic evil dragon god of greed and selfishness.[2]


Task usually manifested as a huge dragon whose hide was so studded with coins and gems from snout to tail that it was impossible to determine the color of his scales.[1]


Task's realm in the Dragon Eyrie was located in a region known as the Furnace because of it's volcanic activity. He dwelt in a rocky cave filled with a massive hoard, said to be the largest one of all, although followers of Astilabor disputed this.[1][4] Red, gold and bronze dragon petitioners lived on his realm.[4]

It was also believed he had a lair in Pandemonium.[1]


While Astilabor was the deity of acquisition with no stigma of greed attached, Task was greed personified. He wanted it all, and it mattered not to him what he had to do or what it cost to others to obtain what he wanted. His worshipers shared the same attitude.[1]

Task revered greed and selfishness, and sometimes rewarded followers who showed these traits in excess.[1] One such gift he granted to his followers was to turn them into hoarder dragons on death so they could guard their treasure from opportunistic looters.[5] While it was thought that his rewards were never material, since Task was believed to be unable to gave up anything he owned,[1] truly faithful, meaning greedy, dragons were rewarded with material goods created by Task himself, such as the case of the blue dragon Amilektrevitrioelis who was granted the Shackles of Amilek. The same item was believed to have been granted to at least two other exceedingly greedy dragons.[5]


Task was revered primarily by evil dragons, especially reds, although he counted a few brass dragons among his faithful.[1]



  1. While Cult of the Dragon (1998) lists him as a lesser deity, Draconomicon (1990) states that he is a greater deity.


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