Tauk Kodagai was a korobokuru bushi adventurer in Shou Lung.[1]


Tauk liked wilderness, not being comfortable in huge cities and with more cultured people around her. She had accepted to be the last of her family and no went back to her tribe.[2]


Born in Kuatan tribe Tauk, different from others women, decided to start a life as mercenary bushi.

Meantime she was busy fighting rebel miners of Fukiow her family was destroyed by barbarians while saving the rest of the tribe. Tauk so decided to accept all works against barbarians around Dragonwall and into the Horse Plains.

Tauk accomplished some great exploits: together with Iron Regiment stood against the cavalry charge at Lo Tu, recaptured Rendai Hills from barbarians and wild dogs of General Asu's, with the Haybat Imperial Archers defeated the horde of the ghostly Pin Mo Now, the Headtaker. She was also the standard bearer of General Hie Aie Shek during the cleaning of the Spice Road from bandits and severed the head of the barbarian chief, Asam Meneh in personal combat.

In 1358 DR Tauk decided to go to the Komite[2]


Behind the scenesEdit

Tauk Kodagai was a pre-generated PC for use in adventures in Shou Lung.


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