Taurgosz Khosann was the leader of the Blacktalons, a mercenary company based in Iriaebor.[1]


He stood over 7 ft (2.2 m) tall, weighed about 350 lb (159 kg) and had strength enough to wield some two-handed weapons in one hand.[1]


Tenhammer ruled with an iron fist and only listened to a few close and trusted allies.[1]


His favorite weapon was his huge warhammer.[1] He wore a magical suit of chain mail to battle.[3]


He earned his nickname, "Tenhammer," by slaying 10 people with a single swing from his hammer while bidding to take over the leadership of the bandit group known as the Blacktalons.[1]


Taurgosz Khosann's name is frequently misspelled. In his card in the 1992 series of the AD&D Trading Cards, his name is misspelled both as "Turgoz", as well as "Turgosz".[3] In the computer game Baldur's Gate, it's spelled "Taugosz",[4] however this was corrected to "Taurgosz" in an update to Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition.[5]



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