Tavilar was a village in the Vast, located on the Hunt Trail between Ylraphon and Kurth, south of the Flooded Forest.[1][2][3] The Pass Trail led to Blanaer.[3]


The Turning Key, an adventuring company, once based themselves in Tavilar. After meeting with disaster and retiring, they never returned to Tavilar.[2]

A mage in Tavilar using a scrying spell was one of only two surviving witnesses to a rampage by a stag-horned lich in the Beluar's Hunt hills, around 1350 DR. The other witness was another scrying mage in Kurth.[4]


The village lay beside the duskwood forests that formed the southern boundaries of the Flooded Forest.[2]


The House of the Key was once home to the Turning Key band. It was a rambling old place in need of continual maintenance when they inhabited it. It collapsed outright when they didn't return, well before 1370 DR.[2]


Locals claimed that the Turning Key had been quite wealthy, and that their treasure must still be hidden somewhere in the area. Many times, adventurers poked through the ruins of the House of the Key, turning up nothing more than decayed furniture and finery. Based on a comment from Satcheera Moonfist, one of the Turning Key, the Flooded Forest was thought to be a better bet, but far too large and dangerous to search.[2]

Tavilar sat at the southern edge of the lands reportedly claimed by the so-called "Mage Who Never Dies". A track led from Tavilar to Mage's Tower.[2]


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