Tayrom Onetry was a human man who lived in the town of Elmwood in the Moonsea in the mid–14th century. He was proprietor of the Grange trading emporium.


Tayrom was born circa 1334 DR. He lived in Elmwood.

At age 22, around 1356 DR, Tayrom took up as an adventurer and joined a band of explorers travelling to Ravens Bluff in the Vast. But, on the way, they were attacked by kobolds, who beat them all up and stole all their valuables. Tayrom, however, had fled screaming at the first sight of them, and ran all the back to Elmwood. This was his "one try" at the adventurer's life, hence his nickname.

Tayrom later became a merchant, managing the Grange trading emporium in Elmwood. He still managed the store by 1367 DR.


In later years, Tayrom "Onetry" enjoyed telling the tale of his brief adventuring career, but claimed he killed several kobolds before he fled. The kobolds seemed to grow in size with every telling.


Tayrom managed the Grange, a trading emporium in Elmwood. It stocked almost every mundane item one could need, bar arms and armor. What it didn't have in that range, Tayrom could order in in 3–18 days.[1]


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