Tazok was a half-ogre bandit leader and an important follower of Sarevok.


Tazok was already the leader of a band of brigands. He and his band captured and tortured Kivan and Deheriana, and only the former made it out alive, swearing revenge.

Years later, during the iron crisis, Tazok was the leader of the bandit groups that had been organized to steal what iron they could find on travelers. He was a major agent in Iron Throne's plans to gain a monopoly on iron and political power during the crisis, but was also in on Sarevok's more secret plans to attain godhood. He was also Mulahey's superior, and thus involved in the sabotage of the Nashkel mine.[1]



  • If the player chooses to infiltrate the bandit camp by pretending willingness to join the bandits, they will once there encounter an angry Tazok, who says that no such outsiders should have been let in the camp and decides to eliminate them himself. If the party can survive a brief battle against him, he will be impressed and change his mind. He will leave immediately after - even if the player attacks again and manages to kill him before he gets out of sight, that will not be considered to have happened. Later, at the very end of the game, a slightly tougher Tazok is one of Sarevok's closest lackeys who fight on his side in the final confrontation in the Undercity.
  • Though Tazok obviously dies in this battle (he is assumed to, even though it ends once Sarevok is killed), he returns in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. If the player chooses to go to the Windspear Hills and then to go after Firkraag, Tazok will be found in his lair, resurrected and stronger than ever. Oddly, he wears a full body armor this time, which made him appear like an in-game orog, rather than a half-ogre.



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