Tebryn Dhialael, also known as Dalael[2]) or the Shadowstalker, was a vampire and member of the Night Masters, the cabal of vampires who led the Night Masks.[1]


Tebryn's skin was not as dark as a normal drow's but enough to betray his origin, as did his white hair. Contrary to this, his blue eyes were clearly a gift from his human parent. He had a strong and slender build like most half-elves.[3]


Tebryn was born into slavery in the Underdark drow city of Sschindylryn. His opportunity to escape came when a duergar army from Underspires attacked the mining outpost where he toiled. The outpost was destroyed and Tebryn killed his masters and fled. He emerged from the Underdark in the tunnels under Westgate and lived as a thief.[1][2]

Tebryn accidentally discovered the Lair of the Night Masters and stole some items from there. Discovering the theft, Orbakh and Dahlia Vhammos easily caught Tebryn. He became the last vampire slave of Orbakh and the last victim of the Winged Teeth artifact. Tebryn was considered a perfect fit as master of the guild's thieves. Thanks to his magic and vampiric powers, he walked unseen on the streets of the city.[1][2]

Tebryn greatly enjoyed his new life and the power that he had. Most of the lower members of the guild suspected him to be the Faceless.[3][2]



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