Telepathic broadcast was a divine magic alteration spell that was available to priests of the Red Knight. It allowed the caster to telepathically convey verbal information to all allies within range.[1]


When cast, this spell connected the mind of the caster to the mind of all allies within 270 ft (82 m) in a one-way mental link for nine minutes. More experienced casters could extend this range and duration. Any information that could be expressed verbally could be broadcast, and only the caster's allies could receive it—no one hostile to the caster could overhear or intercept the mental speech. The caster could choose to broadcast in any language that he or she knew and the recipients heard the words in that language whether or not they spoke that tongue.[1]


In addition to verbal and somatic components and the priest's holy symbol, a material component was required to help power telepathic broadcast (and was consumed in the casting). Possible reagents included a drop of a potion of ESP or a potion of clairaudience, or a bit of residue from the desiccated brain of a creature with telepathic abilities, such as a mind flayer.


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