A telepathy candle was a special magic item made by mystics in the Realms. It allowed a mystic to read thoughts and communicate mind to mind with those under its influence.[1]


Telepathy candles were yellow and, unlike other candles made by mystics, operated continuously for as long as they remained lit. The longest-lasting candle that could be made burned for ninety minutes. This was the fifth type of candle mystics learned to make when studying candle magic.[1]


Only mystics could utilize the power of these candles. Unwilling subjects had one chance to resist the magic of this candle and, if they succeeded, were unaffected and their thoughts remained private. Those that failed to resist, and charmed or willing subjects opened their minds to examination by the mystic and could communicate with him or her at a level that transcended any language barrier. The mystic could detect lies, half-truths, and evasive answers to questions and could read the conscious thoughts of all those affected by the telepathy candle.[1]

The subject(s) and the mystic had to remain within ten feet (three meters) of the burning candle for the entire time it was lit and the effect ended when the candle was extinguished by any means.[1]


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