Teleport dead was an alteration and necromancy spell that could instantly transport a single dead[1] or undead[3] body to anywhere on the plane of the caster.[1][3]


The oldest version of this spell was easier to learn and only worked on the undead.[3] The newer version was more difficult to learn but also worked on an unanimated corpse and could be used to remove a fallen comrade from the battlefield to a safer location.[1] The caster had to touch the corpse or undead creature (including gaseous vampires, specters, and other intangible undead). All undead creatures had a chance to resist the magic of this spell and, if successful, remained in place.[1][3] Spellcasting undead had a much better chance of resisting this spell.[1]

Accuracy was the same as for the teleport[4][5] spell and improved with increasing familiarity of the destination. Arriving high meant a fall of 10 ft (3 m) at the very least, while arriving low meant 10 ft (3 m) underground and was usually, though not necessarily, "fatal" to an undead creature.[1] The caster could not choose to teleport high or low on purpose but had to choose a solid surface with a reasonable amount open space on which to land.[1][3]

Most of the Realms considered teleporting an undead creature into an enemy's house or castle to be an act of evil.[1]

A lich or other undead with spellcasting ability could use this spell to teleport itself.[1]


Only verbal and somatic components were required to cast this spell.[1][3]


This spell was published in "Volo's Guide to All Things Magical" and became generally known to the magical community.[6]


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