Tellik Melarn was the brother of Q'arlynd Melarn.[1] He was also a Nightshadow,[2] a term to describe a cleric of Vhaeraun.[3]


Tellik was Q'arlynd's younger brother.[1] They were very close to each other, enough for Q'arlynd to think first his brother when asked about close family members.[4]


Tellik was a cleric of Vhaeraun and invited his brother to attend a meeting of fellow members of the church of Vhaeraun.[1]

At some point, he made a major transgression against his faith by impersonating his god's avatar. He was punished for it. The punishment consisted of the illusion to be made permanent, so he couldn't switch it off anymore, which was dangerous because it would have revealed his link to the church of Vhaeraun for everyone in the Lolth dominated city of Ched Nasad.[5]

He came to his brother, who was a wizard and begged him for help. Q'arlynd wasn't able to lift the curse, due to his lack of skill. So the next suggestion was to turn Tellik invisible to allow his escape out of the city. Instead of turning him invisible, Q'arlynd made his brother unconscious and sold him to his mother, Drisinil Melarn as a traitor for sacrifice to Lolth. He was rewarded for his loyalty to Lolth by being allowed to attend his brother's sacrifice as a spectator.[5]

Tellik died painfully over a long period of time after being gradually cut into little pieces.[1]

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