Temigast was the steward of Auckney, serving under the Lord of Auckney since 1339 DR, the Year of the Weeping Moon. [1]


Temigast essentially ran Auckney from beside the scene, advising Lord Feringal Auck in all important matters of state. He was quite the gentleman, one of the few in Auckney knowledgeable of places and events outside the fiefdom. His hobby was painting seascapes. [1]


Temigast was originally from Waterdeep. He came to Auckney as a merchant, but he then settled there and became a counselor for the then lord of Auckney, Tristan Auck.[1]


Temigast helped raise Feringal and Priscilla Auck after their parents died.[1]

He secretly shared his bed with Feringal's sister, Priscilla Auck, who took care of the flower garden outside the palace. [2]

He was friendly towards Auck's fiance, Meralda Ganderlay, even though she had been lying with other men, more specifically another man, Jaka Sculi. It was revealed that he knew Meralda's secret all along, but kept it for her sake. Meralda considered him a source of support.[2]



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