Temmi Dharimm (pronounced: /ˈtɛmi ˈdærɪmTEHM-ee DARR-im[1] or: /ˈtɛmi ˈdɑːrɪmTEH-mee DAH-rim[2]), known simply as "Temmi the Slaver", was a human man from Tsurlagol in the Vast. He was a bandit and slaver.


Temmi the Slaver was highly discreet and very careful. The humans and demihumans he caught were securely bound in manacles, blindfolded and gagged, then chained by collars around their throats to a coffle-bar (a long tree-trunk that a group of slaves were forced to carry).

He operated around the Elven Woods, the Moonsea, the Dalelands, and the Vast.[1][2]


Temmi was aided by a small force of trained monsters. These were two disenchanters, three dire wolves, and six bloodhawks.[1][2]


Temmi Dharimm was native to Tsurlagol. However, he went on to spend many years working hard as a bandit around the Moonsea. In that time, he accumulated by some means his force of trained monsters.

By 1357 DR, Temmi had based himself in the Elven Woods near Hillsfar and began taking captives and selling them into slavery. They were sold to the Zhentarim or other agents of Zhentil Keep, who took them north in covered wagons.[1][2]

Temmi was still carrying on his cruel trade ten years later. He intended to expand his business and was on the look-out for employees with similar ways.[2]



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