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The Temple of the Nine Travelers was one of the newer buildings in Manass in 1367 DR. It was a temple devoted to the Faith of the Nine Travelers, in particular to the Giants in Gray.[1]


It was home to a small sect of the Nine Travelers faith originating from Shou Lung that worshiped the Giants in Gray themselves.[1] Visitations of the Giants in Gray were said to presage immense tragedies.[2]


A Shou settler named Li Dawchyuan managed the temple. Many Shou travelers made a point to stop and visit the temple since it was a good place to catch up on gossip from Shou Lung.[1]


The Yellow Mountain Sect in Manass kept a careful eye on the Temple of the Nine Travelers since they were not sure if this "new" religion from the east was a threat to their goals.[1]



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