Tenosh was the Cloakmaster of Baldur's Gate for the Shadow Thieves around 1370 DR.[1]


Tenosh was a cruel woman. She rebuffed all romantic offers.[1]


Tenosh possessed a ring of human influence that permitted all her contacts in the city to view her as friendly.[1]


It was not known how far Tenosh's tiefling powers extended. It was said that the skin on her belly was scaled, that she could generate cold from from her right hand, that she could climb all surfaces like an insect, and that she never slept. What was apparent was that her hair moved by itself when she was angered.[1]


In addition to her role as Cloakmaster, Tenosh was asked by her superiors to kill certain individuals passing through Baldur's Gate, and even a rogue agent of the Shadow Thieves.[1]



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