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Teryani Ealoeth was a female fey'ri ranger and daughter of Xhalth. She was the chief scout for the daemonfey.[1]

In 1374 DR Teryani was a primary spy and assassin, having infiltrate many Sembian council. Teryani assisted Sarya Dlardrageth in her dealing with Borstag Duncastle.[2]

Later Teryani was the principal liaison between sembian and daemonfey.

Sarya ordered to Teryani to kill with the assistance of the drow Ilsevele Miritar, that was trying to made peace between Sembia and the Crusade.[3] The assassination attempt failed thank to Fflar Starbrow Melruth.[4]

Teryani was one of the few fey'ri surviving their defeat in the Cormanthor War.[5]


Teryani carried a +2 masterwork shortbow.[1]


Teryani had a true talent for disguise delighted in deceit.[2]


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