Teryani Ealoeth was a female fey'ri ranger and a daughter of Xhalth. She was the chief scout for the daemonfey.[1]


By 1374 DR, Teryani was primarily a spy and assassin, having infiltrated many Sembian councils. Teryani assisted Sarya Dlardrageth in her dealings with Borstag Duncastle.[2]

Later Teryani was the principal liaison between Sembia and the daemonfey.[citation needed]

Sarya ordered Teryani to kill Ilsevele Miritar, who was trying to make peace between Sembia and the Crusade.[3] The assassination attempt failed thanks to Fflar Starbrow Melruth.[4]

Teryani was one of the few fey'ri to survive their defeat in the Cormanthor War.[5]


Teryani carried a +2 masterwork shortbow.[1]


Teryani had a true talent for disguise and delighted in deceit.[2]


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