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Situated along the valley of the River Tesh, Teshendale was a lost dale once occupied the territory spanning from Zhentil Keep to the Desertsmouth Mountains. Now, the area is covered in ruins, as in 1316 DR[1] it was invaded by Zhent forces and orcs working for them; the people were slain, ensalved or driven away, the valley was quarried and the granite used to build vast sections of the walls that protected Zhentil Keep[2].

Although no longer part of the Dalelands, the cities of Teshwave and Snowmantle remained under control of Zhentil Keep until its destruction; Teshwave, once the largest trading community in Teshendale, was a staging area for Zhent nonhuman troups and mercenaries. Snowmantle, located along the edge of the Border Forest, was a Zhent logging camp.[2].

The Dales Council continues to keep an empty seat for Teshendale as a reminder of what happens when the Dales do not stick together.[1]


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