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The ancient city of Teshyll was a center for trade in the old Calim Empire. It was best known for the famous Harem Palace of Calim.[1]


The ruins of the city were found in the Calim Desert near the Trade Way about mid-way from Calimport to Memnon in the region known as the Teshyllal Wastes.[1]


In its day, before the Era of Skyfire, the city of Teshyll served as a central caravan stop for traders and a massive marketplace for the farmers from around the fertile plains of the Teshyllal Fields. The city important goods from the other territories within the genie empire and exported farm produce.[1]


The city of Teshyll was destroyed by the armies of Memnon sometime during the Era of Skyfire. By 1370 DR, only the corners of a few building remained intact.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

The architectural marvel, the Harem Palace, was Calim's primary jhasinnadah , containing thousands of slaves.[1]


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