The Teshyllal Wastes were the desert wastelands surrounding the ruins of the ancient city of Teshyll.[1]


The Teshyllal Wastes were the central region of the Calim Desert. Howling noises could often be heard over its barren lands, most likely the calls of the spirits of Calim and Memnon, who were defeated and imprisoned there.[1]


Once known as the Teshyllal Fields, the Teshyllal Wastes formerly contained lush and productive farms. The city of Teshyll was at its core, serving as a farmers' market. After the imprisonment of Calim and Memnon in around -6100 DR, the area grew barren and became one of the most dangerous regions of the Calim Desert.[1]

Notable inhabitantsEdit

The undead blue dragon Sapphiraktar laired below the Teshyllal Wastes.[1]


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