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Tethgard was an ancient, ruined city located in Hullack Forest.[1]


The city was overgrown and mostly composed of isolated pillars, arches, half-arches, and stairs.[2]


The watching spirit of Duskreene, Lady of Tethgard, resided there. She was an ancestress of Mirt.[2]


The city predated the realm of Cormyr.[citation needed]

In the 1360s DR, stories circulated in Cormyr of the ruins of legendary Tethgard, hidden in the depths of the Hullack Forest. These became a draw for adventurers operating out of Thunderstone.[3]

In 1479 DR, the ruins of Tethgard were the site of a bloody battle as, after failing to take Elminster, Storm Silverhand, and the Simbul into custody, a group consisting of War Wizards and Purple Dragons unleashed their magics on the trio. Defending the three of them with a spell-shield that rebounded his opponents' spells back at them, Elminster slew or maimed much of the group. The rest retreated.[4]


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