Tethtoril was the First Reader of Candlekeep around 1367 DR. He is known to be wise and soft spoken.[1]

This tall, impressive, wise, and soft-spoken man is often mistaken for the Keeper of Tomes of Candlekeep.

He is more intelligent, regal, and sensitive than his superior Ulraunt, by far; and Ulraunt knows it.

Yet Tethtoril is unfailingly loyal, thoughtful, and diligent in his duties, often anticipating troubles and preparing beforehand to spare Candlekeep troubles or Ulraunt any embarrassment.

Most Holy Mystra often whispers to Tethoril in his dreams, bidding him to do this or that and in this way has led him to unearth key spells from forgotten tomes; kept Elminster, Khelben, and the Harpers welcomed or at least, tolerated in Candlekeep; and kept Ulraunt from being seduced by darker powers (most recently, Cyric).

Although he doesn't know it, Tethtoril is one of the safest people in all the Realms. Three deities will protect him against any attack:

Mystra; manifesting as whatever spell is needed

Oghma; a wall of force conjured by a shadowy floating harp

Deneir; a suddenly appearing magical symbol (effects identical to the wizard spell of the same name) of one of the known types that flashes and discharges in his defense immediately after it is seen.

All three deities subtly aid Tethtoril in puzzling out the meaning of cryptic, faded, fragmentary, or forgotten script writings.

It is this superlative ability to decipher writings that has led to Tethtoril's present rank.


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