Tethyr recently emerged from a decades-long civil war (1347-1369 DR) with two new monarchs. The strong rule of Queen-Monarch Zaranda Star Rhindaun and King Haedrak III (who formerly served the great Elminster of Shadowdale as a scribe under the name of "Lhaeo") began to restore hope to a cynical, suspicious, war-torn land.

Tethyr was a growing nation, establishing ties with hesitant neighbors, and driving monsters from its lands. There continued to be much suspicion in the land, especially towards organizations that admitted to meddle in the affairs of others, such as the benevolent Harpers or sinister Zhentarim.[citation needed]

Tethyr's large forests were home to a population of wood elves, who were ever wary of human rulers wishing to tame their forest with torch and axe.

Tethyr was bordered to the north by Amn and to the south by Calimshan, while the pirates of the Nelanther Isles harried the kingdom's maritime commerce, such as trade vessels bound for far-off Maztica.

As of 1479 DR, the rulers of Tethyr were Queen Cyriana and King Errilam. They had a daughter, the Princess Zandra, who was also one of the Court Vizeras, along with Mynda.

As of 1489 DR, the ruler of Tethyr was Queen Anais Rhindaun, daughter of Queen Cyriana and King Errilam, who survived her eldest sister Zandra.[2]

Life and SocietyEdit

Despite having an arid environment outside the large Forest of Tethir, the majority of the nation lived along the well established trade routes. With two major nations bordering north and south, Amn and Calimshan respectively, the Sea of Swords and its Nelanther pirates as its western border and finally the Omlarandin Mountains to the east.[citation needed]

Known for their tradesmen, exceptional quality was their focus rather than cruelly cutting out competition as it might be in other cities. Many works of wood, furniture, chests, and coffers were all made by or in copy of the Tethyrian fashion. Prosperous families dedicated themselves to one particular trade or good.[citation needed]

Land was the measure of status amongst the Tethyrian's. Nobles either earned or inherited their land. Commoners were ruled by a Count, who in turn appointed local sheriffs to do the various tasks he appointed from collecting taxes, mustering a militia, and administering laws. They in turn were overseen by Dukes who reported to the Queen herself. The Queen had a council of advisors known as the Royal Privy Council made up of her heir or crown regent, a selection of eight dukes of the lands, and five important and key individuals of varying Religious and racial background: The Archdruid of Mosstone, the Treespeaker of the Wealdath, the Hills' Voice (Halfling), the Shield Brother of the Starspire, and the Samnilith (Gnome). The Queen was commander of the standing army.[citation needed]

In addition to the standing army, there were several knightly orders present in Tethyr. Sponsors included Ilmater, Torm, Tyr and Helm. Of significant note were the Order of the Silver Chalice and the Champions Vigilant, sponsored by Helm.[citation needed]

Travelers coming into or through Tethyr were warned that five is an unlucky number.

Major Geographical FeaturesEdit

Spires of MirEdit

Main article: Spires of Mir

The Spires of Mir covered the southern highlands of Tethyr.

Forest of TethyrEdit

Main article: Forest of Tethir

Was also known as "The Wealdath." The forest of Tethir was located along the Trade Way, south of the Small Teeth Mountains. In addition to the two elven tribes, Suldusk and Elmanesse, there were a variety of fey creatures that defended these woods as their home. A host of other dangers resided in these woods including several dragons, wyverns, and even lycanthropes. Rumor that portals to the world of the Lythari, shapechanging elves, were located somewhere in the forest as well but only the Lythari knew their location or how to activate them.[citation needed]

Omlarandin MountainsEdit

Barely considered mountains, this foothill area was known for the very rare and prized omlar gems. These gems were exceptionally useful in the arcane arts and often fetched large sums from those that could afford to purchase such rarities.[citation needed]

Snowflake MountainsEdit

The Snowflake Mountains were a mountain range in the far east of Tethyr. Not directly in the sphere of influence of any nation, the Snowflake Mountains were located between Tethyr, Amn, the Shining Plains, and the Lake of Steam. The Snowflake Mountains were best known for the Edificant Library, a place of worship of Deneir and Oghma, and the childhood home of Cadderly Bonaduce. It was magically rebuilt and was called Spirit Soaring.[citation needed]

Starspire MountainsEdit

Despite being low mountains, treacherous peaks abound through the range. There was said to be a surviving clan of dwarves that managed over the years to fend off the various creatures making their home on the surface of the mountains. In its eastern stretch lay Mount Thargill that was a inactive volcano.[citation needed]

Major CitiesEdit


Main article: Darromar

Darromar was the new capital of Tethyr. This was truly the hub of the nation: it was growing with the influx of mercenaries and monster hunters. Students of the arcane also had a home as there was a small academy for those not desiring to travel south to Calimshan.[citation needed]


Despite its smaller size, this town was of great importance because of its location on the Trade Way. Of additional note was its proximity with the forest which made dealing with its inhabitants especially delicate. A powerful grove of druids set its aim on working with and instructing the townsfolk on the proper care of the forest.[citation needed]


Main article: Myratma

Taking much from their neighbors to the south, a strong resemblance to Calimshan was obvious. This was the main port for agricultural goods to and from the inlands. Due to Calimshan being so near, arcane arts were seldom practiced and never in abundance. Of special note, this was the home of the Jaguar Guard. These noble warriors were exported from their home in Maztica far to the west.[citation needed]


Main article: Saradush

Saradush was a metropolis within the land of Tethyr. Once a great bureaucratic center for the city's royal dynasty, Saradush fell into a period of decline following the Spellplague. Despite this, Saradush became an important waystation for trade involving the area surrounding Lake of Steam. Given its proximity to several kinds of terrain, along with increased prominence as trade traffic with Riatavin increased, Saradush also became a haven for travelers and adventurers alike.[citation needed]


This critical city allowed for the trade through the Sea of Fallen Stars. The city was largely overlooked by Amn's growing trade with Maztica and its Council of Six resulted in the secession from Amn to Tethyr occurring in 1370 DR. Rumors of largely hidden Wizards and Sorcerors sprang forth in support of the secession promising to aide against any actions from Amn.[citation needed]


Main article: Velen

This coastal city was a naval outpost, protecting against the Nelanther pirates. In addition, due to is coastal location, it was also home to a large seafaring and fishing community. It was rumored that ghosts haunted the city but the people appeared to be largely ignorant or uncaring concerning the hauntings.[citation needed]


Main article: Zazesspur

The former Capital of Tethyr, cut into two by the Sulduskoon River, was still on many levels the glory of surrounding cultures. The city was ruled by a council consisting of Lords. Similarly to Myratma, due to its relative distance to Calimshan, any practicing the arcane arts were lured south with the promise of salary and an easy life.[citation needed]


Further readingEdit





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