Tezca was the chaotic evil god of the sun and fire in Maztica. He was the life-giving force of heat and sunlight.[1]


He was pictured as a giant humanoid with orange skin and a face surrounded by flames. His hair was a mass of smoke that trailed behind him as he moved. Anything that touched him promptly burst into crackling flames.[1]


He was well-worshiped under the Kultakans and his influence there was even greater than Zaltec's. But he was important to all Mazticans, since he brought life and warmth to the world and, to a minor degree, the heat needed to cook meals.[1]

Tezca was ever-hungry and needed regular sacrifices. Like Zaltec, he preferred the fresh hearts of humans. His priests needed to make such a sacrifice at each sunset to assure that he came back the following day. His priests had major access to the spheres of Elemental, Sun, and Combat spheres of influence. During the sunlight hours they could also employ major access to the Weather sphere and they received minor access to the spheres of hishna, Animals, Divination and Guardian spells.[1]



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The Maztican Pantheon

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